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Universe Island: To The World Beyond Imagination

With the scope in the gaming community developing thanks to the introduction of NFT and crypto in games, one can visibly see the paradigm shift from conventional recreational games to the play-to-earn models.  Universe Island is one such sci-fi themed 1vs1 shooting game that enables players to take the gaming experience to a next level by allowing them to participate in a riveting storyline, explore an open metaverse full of mysteries and get a chance at winning rewards and bettering their rank by battling against various players.

The play-to-earn model of games is something that has contributed significantly to the exponential growth of the gaming industry, and this is the field that the team of Universe Island has decided to venture into.

Universe Island is a classic third-person shooting game that incorporates NFT progression and crypto rewards for the skills, efforts and time put in by the player along with an underlying storyline. The game is set out in a metaverse and offers an unrivalled play-to-earn model that is fueled by the $UIM Tokens.

The $UIM Tokens would fuel the P2E economics of the game by being the standard form of all in-game rewards. These tokens can be used for purchases, even for trading the in-game NFT collectables on our NFT marketplace that has been designed to enable safe and smooth trading of our game-related collectables. There also is a part of the market kept aside for staking, where players would get a chance at minting rare infinity NFT cards upon staking, the mathematics for which can be seen here.


The Journey Beyond the Game of Universe Island     
Apart from the action-packed and rewarding aspects of the game, the team of Universe Island that is led by Ladislav Liska, has ensured to go beyond what could be expected from any game. From the Metaverse Gallery where players can display, view and walk through to explore the NFT collectables in-game, the Open World that would enable users to hone their skills via training, to being the first free-to-play game that offers Augmented Reality (AR) Technology to its players to get a chance to see their favorite heroes in their real-life environment! Seems like an incredible merge of experts from various fields to put together something for everyone, doesn’t it?

The best part about it all is that the team of Universe Island has created and planned out a clear roadmap for the future, with the platform and game backed up cutting-edge technology to provide the best gaming experience for players.

Moreover, there are plans for the growth of metaverse and introductions of new maps/islands in the coming future that would be backed by an indulging animated series to furthermore enhance the story-driven narrative of the game. This way the players would have an idea of not just about the terrains they are exploring but also the heroes they play with and their story!

All in all, with the launch date around the corner in March and the main goal of creating a decentralized gaming ecosystem where everyone benefits, the team of Universe Island hopes to provide not just gamers but also all crypto enthusiasts with a platform that everyone can explore and enjoy collectively. All you need is a phone and you could be on a journey to explore a metaverse full of unbounded potential and possibilities!

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