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Universe Island: Fitting Right Into The Ever-Evolving Genre of Shooting Games

As you might already know, Universe Island is a classic third-person shooting game that would take your gaming to a whole new experience, but ever wondered what it is about this game that sets it apart from the others and guarantees players a game that stays rooted to history while also taking a step ahead into the future? Well, before getting into that let’s discuss briefly how far the gaming industry has evolved over the years.

Starting in the 1980s in Japan with Konami’s forever classic Contra, the industry of third-person shooting games as we know it today has come a long way and owes a great deal of its widespread success to a spectrum of games that contributed to this ever-dynamic genre. The evolution of third-person games can be credited to all the games in the past, present and future that even though are carrying the legacy, might not be equally famous to be able to retain it. 

Fade into Black was one of such games in the early 1990s that featured the Third Person’s Perspective and though it didn’t create that much of a tide on the shooting game industry, it did shine a light on the simplistic polygons which was a big feat back then. Another remarkable game that most popularised this concept of TPP shooting game was Lara Croft, who essentially highlighted the importance of a cinematic experience which can be intensified with the developing 3D technology, better devices and a third person’s perspective (TPP).



Like most TPP games, Universe Island aims at providing a cinematic experience for the players wherein a large expanse of the metaverse and its unique terrain would be visible to explore while also giving players the liberty of knowing where their avatar is within the gaming world as the character would be visible on-screen at all times.

The main purpose of TPP games was to allow players to not just experience but also view their characters and their personality- the way it walks, runs, reacts to events or how it interacts with equipment in the gaming world. And while Universe Island covers that aspect, it took a step further by bringing the first Play-to-Earn TPP shooting game that implements Augmented Reality (AR) Technology thereby allowing players to view their heroes and their respective personalities beyond the gaming world but in their real-life surroundings too! Furthermore, the team of Universe Island recognises the importance of visual clues and narratives and will also be airing an animated series to support the story-driven narrative of the game that would ideally help players learn more about their heroes and the world they battle in.

While most shooting games are known to feature intense combat-oriented plots and related mini-games to play in, Universe Island has decided to venture into a new kind of concept where players would get to experience the thrill of action-packed 5-minute matches, but would also earn crypto rewards and in-game NFT collectables upon winning. These crypto rewards would be in the form of $UIM tokens which would essentially fuel the play-to-earn ecosystem of the game and enable all in-app purchases and trading of the earned collectables in the NFT marketplace without additional fees. Additionally, features such as staking to earn rare NFT cards from the limited infinity series to boost certain skills by 3-15%, having a walkthrough Metaverse Gallery to display and explore the in-game NFT collectables and an Open World system where players can hone their skills in the training ground would also be provided.

To summarise, the history of TPP shooting games has seen remarkable steeping stones being achieved in its course of evolution and Universe Island is one such game trying to bring in innovation of classic shooting games along with NFT integration and crypto rewards to the horizon. With its launch date round the corner in March, the team of Universe Island is fully geared and excited to meet you on the other side in the Metaverse! 

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