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Universe Island: An Immersive PlayToEarn Experience

History of P2E Games

What started as a casual niche with a simple yet efficient approach of keeping the user’s interest in mind, has now gained popularity across the globe! Play-2-Earn or P2E games are a comparatively new concept that took the gaming industry to a whole new level by introducing an earning model, which was pretty uncharacteristic of the traditional games that people were used to. Players no longer were having to shell out cash, but rather, were being rewarded for their engagement and time invested playing in the form of NFTs or other crypto rewards. This was the main feature that intrigued players to give the P2E model a try over the conventional games, and since then there has been no turning back.

Tracing the roots of the P2E games, it all started with the Pay-to-Play (P2P) models in the 1970s where players mostly were rewarded in terms of satisfaction from the enjoyment in-game. Then came the Free-to-Play model in 2000s which was one of the main factor that aided to the significant spread of the gaming culture. It offered no upfront costs to players as a necessity to play and gave players an option of spending on in-app purchases only if they wished to. Games like Fortnite, Pokémon and Pubg are few examples of such games which significantly spread the craze of gaming and caused a wide spread of the base of players.

Finally in the recent times came the Play-to-Earn models where users were rewarded via tokens or other crypto upon playing. It gives players an incentives to play by giving them ownership over digital assets in game in return of participation and engagement. These assets also sometimes have potential and may allow players to increase their value as more time is invested.

This incentive of being rewarded in assets that can be converted to real world asset is something that attracted lots of people, and studies showed a drastic increase in the indulgence of people in the gaming industry during the pandemic. In fact, this rewarding virtual world proved to have a scope so promising that a lot of players across the globe even quit their jobs in order to earn a living out of their passion of gaming!


Universe Island: A classic shooting P2E game

Universe Island is one such game that combines the gaming and the crypto world seamlessly to provide players with an experience unlike ever before! It is a classic 1vs1 shooting game that incorporates NFT equipment progression and crypto rewards in the form of UIM tokens to allow all in-game purchases. The tokens are rewarded to players upon winning matches and claiming airdrops and players can trade collectables in-game for special boosts, or even stake them to enjoy various perks by using these UIM tokens.

The perks of being a token holder and staking include having a say in the governance of the game and also enjoying the chance to mint rare infinity series NFT cards. The higher the amount of tokens the player stakes and the longer the period it is staked for gives players a chance of being rewarded with a better NFT card. To add on, these cards aren’t your ordinary cards, but rather, provide special boosts for characters and have the power to potentially make the difference needed to ensure a better chance at winning!

Furthermore, the team of Universe Island also has provided players with an NFT Marketplace to allow safe and hassle-free trading of NFT collectables, wherein players will have to pay no additional fee if trading while using UIM tokens as the mean of currency. To get better bids and close better deals, the players also would get to display their hard-earned collection of the cards in the grand walkthrough Metaverse Gallery. In this gallery, players can explore and view the collectables and their growth of equipments over time just like one would in one’s home or a hall of fame in any art gallery!

From action-packed matches that challenge your skills to breathtaking graphics, to a spectrum of features for players to enjoy and finally, a transparent mechanism of earning rewards, Universe Island has gone above and beyond to truly provide players with an experience of a kind! With the launch date of the first model of the game for the public knocking at the door, the team of Universe Island can’t wait for players to witness what lies inside the metaverse!

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