Universe Island: An Immersive PlayToEarn Experience

History of P2E Games What started as a casual niche with a simple yet efficient approach of keeping the user’s interest in mind, has now gained popularity across the globe! Play-2-Earn or P2E games are a comparatively new concept that took the gaming industry to a whole new level by introducing an earning model, which […]

Universe Island: Fitting Right Into The Ever-Evolving Genre of Shooting Games

As you might already know, Universe Island is a classic third-person shooting game that would take your gaming to a whole new experience, but ever wondered what it is about this game that sets it apart from the others and guarantees players a game that stays rooted to history while also taking a step ahead into the […]


With the scope in the gaming community developing thanks to the introduction of NFT and crypto in games, one can visibly see the paradigm shift from conventional recreational games to the play-to-earn models.  Universe Island is one such sci-fi themed 1vs1 shooting game that enables players to take the gaming experience to a next level […]

Universe Island: The Ultimate Sci-Fi Adventure!

What comes into mind when the term shooting game is mentioned? Typically, it would be intense action-packed matches where the sole focus will remain on which weapon to choose and how to be the last player standing to climb up the ranks. This cycle is most likely to repeat on a loop. However, with Universe […]

Universe Island’s NFT Marketplace

Unlike other play-to-earn games, Universe Island is a thrilling free-to-play, compact, 1vs1 shooting game with a play-to-earn ecosystem that is fueled by UIM Tokens and a model that instantly rewards the players for their time and efforts. UIM Tokens are the primary in-game tokens of Universe Island that fuels the play-to-earn ecosystem of the game. […]

Key Features of Universe Island

Universe Island is the ultimate play-to-earn, 1vs1 shooting game that is set in a metaverse and fractured into several islands. Each island has its mysteries and has an animated TV show to support the narrative! The catch here is that the main protagonist is the metaverse in itself and players control characters to explore the […]

How is Universe Island Different From Other Games

The concept of NFT-games is a recent one and has been known to have become popular in the Game-fi (a popular term given to the mix of the finance and gaming) world as a means to earn income. Before diving into how Universe Islands is unique and different from the other play-to-earn games, one must […]

Understanding the Play2Earn Formula Used in Universe Island

The launch of the Universe Island game is getting closer by the day. We’re on schedule, and Q1 will be the time to launch as per the roadmap. This is why you should get yourself prepared and learn everything about Universe Island. One of Universe Island’s essential components is its Play to Earn model, which […]

The Enchanting Islands of Universe Island

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have had a banner year, breaking into the mainstream and capturing people’s curiosity worldwide. With decentralized games becoming coupled with the metaverse, NFTs have disrupted the industry with their unique benefits. Their blockchain characteristics and vast utility allow players to use them as characters, commodities, special abilities, and other tradable objects in […]

Why You Should Join Universe Island Metaverse

The first-ever gaming console, the Magnavox, was created in 1972, and at its demonstration, it was considered pathbreaking. That single console was the genesis of the entire gaming industry as we know it today. Since then, the industry has come a long way, valued at nearly $200 billion and with a user base of 2.7 […]