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How is Universe Island Different From Other Games 

The concept of NFT-games is a recent one and has been known to have become popular in the Game-fi (a popular term given to the mix of the finance and gaming) world as a means to earn income.

Before diving into how Universe Islands is unique and different from the other play-to-earn games, one must have an idea of what the concept of NFT is and how it is applied in the game.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is a digital, cryptographic token that acts as a unique collectable on the blockchain. They are used as representations in games as consumables, characters and other tradeable items and can be sold to other collectors/players to earn money.
NFT games are present mainly on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The primary token in-game for Universe Islands is the UIM token which is based on BSC and also acts as the economic driver of the Universe Island Metaverse (UIM).

Universe Island, unlike most other play-to-earn games, is a free-to-play game requiring no initial investment to start the gaming experience. All one needs is a device to play it on, and one is free to go!

The game offers multiple maps– each map having its features and mysteries. Each game would start with the two players spawning at opposite ends of the map randomly (with full HP) and end with one winner. In the duration of the game (which would last for about five minutes on an average), players must compete not just against one another, but also manoeuvre their way around AI-controlled enemies and allies while collecting the mystery boxes dropped by our mighty UFO for random benefits- maybe even UIM tokens if lucky!

 The UIM tokens fuel the game’s play-to-win feature. With each win, players are awarded UIM tokens and points which enable the players to be taken to the next level and become a part of the elite squad where they will match against players with higher experience; thereby increasing the difficulty of the game and making it more challenging and fun!

Universe Island is a game that offers you a choice irrespective of your age. Players could either spend the token in-game for better accessories and gain an edge over the opponent. They could also withdraw on-chain after a verification period by putting in a claim request. The verification period is merely a safeguard procedure to detect any unfair means resorted by players while gaming or claiming the tokens.

Another feature that sets UIM apart from other games is the theme the game revolves around. There is no nudity or gruesome graphics which might act as a cap on the range of age of players. This game opens scope for enjoyment and earning for all ages!

 Not just that, UIM also plans on providing a metaverse gallery where players will not just be able to display their collections, but also enable them to build homes and have guests/visitors.

 The game also provides holistic and friendly ways of meeting new people outside the battlefield. The training world would represent the open world and require no energy consumption while exploring. It would act as a ground where players can not only go out on expeditions but also make friends with strangers on the game!

Everything about the UIM is meant to cater to the players and provide a smooth, interactive and engaging gaming experience for them. From the fine graphics, the story animation supporting each island/map, the concept of UFO providing drops in the metaverse, the action-filled matches to the extent of community engagement being initiated and supported by the developers in the form of tournaments, challenges and events for featuring incentives for players to spend more time in the metaverse- this is not an ordinary experience that one would want to miss out on!

The team of Universe Island is an experienced one that is working hard to provide players with a game that not only caters to the gaming community or those supporting the blockchain industry but also caters to the ones who see the scope in NFTs and crypto rewards.

Stay tuned to join us on this journey of exploring the limitless metaverse and meeting new people and characters while enjoying the crypto rewards!

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