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Introducing Universe Island: The Action-Adventure Sci-Fi Mobile Game 

The global video game market has seen significant growth over the past few years and was valued at over $150 billion in 2019. Market experts predict the space to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9% between 2020 and 2027. The video game market is expected to see significant innovation in hardware and software capabilities, which will drive growth in the space.

The video game market has also seen an uptick in the number of in-game purchases, which has now become very common in the market. If we were to talk numbers, in 2020 alone, gamers purchased in-game content and other items worth $54 billion. However, most games use the outdated model of in-game purchases, which leaves gamers that make these purchases with no proof of claim over their purchase, as these are recorded on in-game databases or the game servers.

How NFTs Are Disrupting The Gaming Market

NFTs are disrupting the current model of in-game purchases by transferring the ownership rights of unique in-game assets to gamers, enabling them to monetize their unique virtual assets. NFTs have also contributed to the recent phenomena of play-to-earn. This new model combines gaming and the crypto industry to create disruptive in-game economic incentives that can be realized by playing the game.

The tokenization of in-game objects allows for players to have ownership rights over their assets or NFT. The player can then choose to either use it in-game, display it as a collectible item or sell it in the market, allowing them to retain the value of their in-game assets.

Universe Island: The Action-Adventure Game With NFT Integration

The Universe Island is a third-person shooter game with an underlying storyline. The game also features NFT integration and enables players to experience story-driven gameplay and action while also incorporating cryptocurrency rewards and NFT equipment progression. Universe Island is set in the metaverse, fractured into several islands, with the main protagonist of the story being the metaverse itself, with players controlling characters to explore the metaverse. Different islands have their mysteries, with each island having an animated TV show supporting the narrative.


Universe Island adopts classic third-person shooter games that have enabled millions of individuals to enter the mobile gaming space thanks to a fairly low barrier to entry. The game is more than just about playing for the fun of it, taking players to the next level, allowing them to compete and become elite players. The UIM token powers the game’s play-to-win incentive model. The game features unique terrain, custom maps, and AI enemies.

Players will spawn at random locations on the map, usually at opposite ends, in a 1v1 or multiplayer format, with full HP. Players compete against one another and are victorious when one player shoots down the opposing player, all the while trying to avoid AI-controlled enemies. Typically, a match would last five minutes, with winners being rewarded with UIM tokens which players can spend in-game or withdraw on-chain after a verification period when they put in a claim request. Typically, the verification period lasts for a week. This system has been put in place to ensure the implementation of an internal AI vetting system that can detect any player that resorts to unfair means during a game.

Features Of Universe Islands

Universe Islands will also boast features such as a Metaverse Gallery, an open world, and community engagement that will feature tournaments and other challenges for players to participate.

  • Metaverse Gallery — The Metaverse Gallery will enable players to display their Infinity Design NFT collections and their UIM NFT collections. Initially, the Metaverse Gallery will only allow players to display their NFTs. However, the team plans to bring further expansions, allow players to build homes, and bring visitors.
  • Open World — The open world mode in the game will act as a training world. Any expedition into the open world will not require any energy, and the team has planned future expansions to the open world that will enable players to spend time in the open world with friends or meet strangers on the game.
  • Community Engagement — Community engagement will feature incentives to players to spend more time in the metaverse; these incentives will comprise tournaments, challenges, and other community events.

Closing Thoughts

Universe Island will allow players to experience intense story-driven action and crypto rewards while also featuring NFT integration. The project has a clear roadmap and is backed by an experienced and driven team that brings in significant experience from the blockchain and gaming space, respectively.

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