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Key Features of Universe Island 

Universe Island is the ultimate play-to-earn, 1vs1 shooting game that is set in a metaverse and fractured into several islands. Each island has its mysteries and has an animated TV show to support the narrative! The catch here is that the main protagonist is the metaverse in itself and players control characters to explore the metaverse.

Universe Island is driven by action and NFT integration which allows players to experience NFT equipment progression along with crypto rewards.


Universe Island is a third-person shooting game where players compete against one another to become elite players. Being a 1vs1 game, an average match would last for an average of 5-6 minutes on average. 

 The game would start with the two players spawning at the opposite ends of the map with full HP. In the course of the match, both players need to make their way around AI-controlled enemies as well as allies to be the last survivor standing. The two airdrops provided by the UFO during the match could provide the player with various benefits ranging from bonuses (enhanced defence or enhanced attack power) to even UIM tokens, making it no longer just about skills but also about luck! 

 Apart from the airdrops, players get a chance of winning extra tokens by exploring the maps and finding treasures. However, to be able to collect these treasures, the player would still be required to win the match. Winning would not only be rewarded with UIM tokens but also the right to claim the treasure!

Some Remarkable Features of Universe Island

  • Free to play: Not only is Universe Island based on a play-to-earn model, unlike other games requires no initial investment apart from your interest and time! It is a completely free-to-play based game that aims at taking gaming to a next level with more interactions- with other players as well as the in-game characters and collectables.
  • Open World: The open-world would provide players with access to a training playground which would essentially consist of a shooting ground along with NPCs. In form of the training world, Universe Island allows players to spend time with other players and go out on expeditions without the consumption of energy in-game. This adds a new dimension to a game that was essentially revolving around 1vs1 PVP matches with each player competing for the winning prize. With Universe Island, you can not just earn rewards but also make new friends and meet new people from all across the globe!
  • Metaverse Gallery: This feature of Universe Island allows players to see all NFTs on metamask. The metaverse gallery would be the holy grail for players enabling them to display their UIM NFT collections as well as their Infinity Design NFT collections! The developers plan on allowing players to not just display their collections to other players but also allow them to build manors and invite guests in the future with expansions.
  • AR Technology: Universe Island is the first free-to-play game of its kind which allows players to experience the chance of seeing their in-game virtual characters in their real-life environment. The Augmented Reality Technology infused in the game takes the gaming experience to a whole new level!

The UIM Tokenomics 

All in-game rewards in Universe Island would be given in the form of UIM tokens which powers the game’s ecosystem and play-to-win incentive model.

These UIM tokens can be used to make purchases in-game or for trading in the real world and all the in-game items and skins would be in the form of digital assets over which the user/player would have complete ownership!

The UIM tokens could be spent in-game or withdrawn on-chain by putting up a claim request followed by a verification period of a week. The verification period exists to ensure detection of any unfair means resorted to by a player during a game by the internal AI vetting system.

Players could also stake their UIM tokens for earning staking rewards that include additional UIM tokens and a chance to mint an infinity design NFT card each month.

To sum it up, Universe Island is a game with a lot of scopes. It aims at rewarding the players according to the time being spent on the game while asking for no initial investments. You can enjoy gaming while also gaining crypto rewards and the chance of meeting new people. All you require is a mobile and the interest to explore, and you are good to go!

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