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The Enchanting Islands of Universe Island 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have had a banner year, breaking into the mainstream and capturing people’s curiosity worldwide. With decentralized games becoming coupled with the metaverse, NFTs have disrupted the industry with their unique benefits. Their blockchain characteristics and vast utility allow players to use them as characters, commodities, special abilities, and other tradable objects in games. Perhaps most importantly, they allow players to generate additional income in in-game assets, collectibles, and NFTs.

One such game-making wave in the gaming community is Universe Island.

Universe Island: The Talk of the Town

Universe Island is a third-person shooter game with an underlying storyline. The game also features NFT integration and enables players to experience story-driven gameplay and action while incorporating cryptocurrency rewards and NFT equipment progression.

In Universe Island, players can compete against the field to rise in the hierarchy of elite players, with an unparalleled play/win-to-earn incentive model powered by the UIM Token.

A Glimpse into the Islands and Features of Universe Island

Universe Island is set in a stunning, mysterious metaverse with custom maps, each with its unique terrain, features, & AI enemies. The Universe Island metaverse is ever-expanding, and there is no final number of maps or islands. At the beginning of each match, two (or more) players will be spawned on random locations in a one-on-one multiplayer battle, usually at the opposite ends of the map.

The Universe Island metaverse comprises several islands, with the main protagonist being the metaverse itself. The game players control characters to explore the metaverse. Notably, various islands have their mysteries, with each island boasting an animated TV show supporting the narrative.

All Universe Island players start the game with a full 100 HP. Players can claim victory by shooting down their opponent(s) while avoiding or defeating other AI-controlled enemies (neutrals) on the way. A typical game lasts around five minutes. The winners are rewarded the game’s native token UIM, immediately spendable in-game, or available for withdrawal on-chain after a minimum verification period of one week upon claim request.

In addition to the base-guaranteed UIM tokens for every victory, each match will have two ‘treasures’ randomly airdropped to different locations on the map. Each of these treasures will carry a chance to win an additional reward of UIM tokens as an airdrop. However, players would still need to win their match after collecting these treasures to open them & stand a chance to win the airdrop.

Lastly, the Universe Island team has worked on the ‘infinity design’ NFT series to take things to the absolute next level. These limited editions NFT cards can mean the difference between victory and defeat, and every Universe Island player will be sure to have their eyes set on collecting as many of these power-ups as possible.

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