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The Potential Of Universe Island 

The current video game industry is changing at a rapid pace. We’ve already seen the steady rise in popularity when it comes to video games, with online gaming communities becoming a way to socialize and stay occupied, a fact highlighted more so thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. As of today, the gaming industry is larger than the movie and sports industries combined. For the sake of numbers, revenue from the gaming industry was up by 12% in 2020 alone, going from $120 billion in 2019, to $140 billion in 2020, with four out of five people playing a video game in the past six months.

So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise why a game like Universe Island can potentially capture the attention of gamers the world over through the slick combination of an underlying story, coupled with NFT integration, allowing players to incorporate crypto rewards and own their in-game assets. The video-game space has also seen a surge in in-game purchases, with gamers purchasing over $54 billion worth of in-game content in 2020 alone.

The Advent Of NFTs In The Gaming Market

One of the industries that NFTs have successfully disrupted is the gaming industry, enabling gamers to transfer the ownership rights of in-game assets to themselves and allowing for the monetization of their virtual assets. There is research that has concluded that over 70% of game developers would consider marrying blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs into future gaming titles, with a significant number of developers already exploring the idea. We have already seen the likes of gaming giants such as Ubisoft, Epic Games, and EA throw their weight behind blockchain technology in gaming.

NFTs, in the gaming market, have enabled a new mode called the play-to-earn mode, which creates in-game economic incentives that players can achieve when they play the game. Tokenization also enables players to own their in-game assets, and players can use their assets to display them as a collectible or sell it in the market.

Gaming Trends

Since the start of the pandemic, gamers have tuned into their gaming devices, as the amount of time spent indoors has increased dramatically. As a result, console gamers saw a significant increase, rising by 6.3% in 2009. However, gaming has gone beyond just hardcore gaming, requiring people to be stuck to their consoles. We have seen the popularity of mobile gaming expand exponentially, with the US alone seeing an increase of 150 million monthly mobile gamers. This accounts for 89% of all gamers in the country. Mobile gaming has the advantage of convenience, giving it a significant boost over other gaming mediums because players can play on their devices whenever and wherever they want.

The E-Sports Market

E-sports is another area of gaming that has seen a huge surge, both in revenue and viewership. Brands are engaging with and investing in e-sports, realizing the potential that they could engage a significant audience. This has led to significant growth in revenue when it comes to esports. We have also seen a significant increase in gaming viewership trends, with demand for game streaming growing significantly. Gaming viewership trends or GVC are set to increase by over 4 million monthly viewers.

As a result, even though in-person tournaments and e-sports gaming events have been delayed, the online presence has seen significant growth, with tournaments shifting online, giving it access to more viewers and more coverage.

The Perfect Time For Universe Island

The gaming industry has seen significant growth over the past few years and is predicted to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 12.9% between 2020 and 2027. With the expected growth, it makes perfect sense for a project such as Universe Island to come to the fore, especially when game creators and companies are actively looking an incorporate blockchain technology and NFTs into games.

Universe Island adopts a classic third-person shooter game and features NFT integration while allowing users to experience story-driven gameplay. The game allows players to take their gaming experience to the next level, allowing them to compete as they attempt to become elite players. The entire ecosystem of the game is powered by the UIM token, which also powers the game’s play-to-win model. The game also brings several features such as a metaverse gallery, an open world, and increased community engagement, allowing players to participate in tournaments and accomplish various challenges.


The video game industry has always pioneered innovation, incorporating new technologies and experiences for players. As the world becomes more mobile, with mobile phones playing an increasingly larger role in engaging people, we have seen mobile games become an important avenue to generate revenue for game developers.

Universe Islands fits perfectly into the ever-evolving and ever-innovating gaming industry, bringing players NFT integration, crypto rewards, and an enticing storyline. At the helm of the project is a highly experienced team that draws on significant experience from the gaming and blockchain industry.

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