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The Tokenomics Of Universe Island Explained 

The video game market was valued at over $150 million in 2019 and is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, with more users entering the space. According to market experts, it is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9% between 2020 and 2027. Along with such significant growth, video games have also seen a substantial increase in purchasing in-game assets. In 2020, gamers made in-game purchases worth over $54 billion, with these numbers set to increase.

A Brief Look At Universe Island
Universe Island is a third-person shooter game that features an underlying storyline. Players can compete against each other and become elite players. The game’s ecosystem and play-to-win incentive model is powered by the UIM token, which we shall look at in detail. Players will spawn in random areas on the map, at opposite ends of the island. A player is victorious when they shoot down the opposing player while simultaneously trying to avoid AI-controlled enemies. A typical matchup lasts around 6 minutes, with victorious players rewarded with UIM tokens. Players can spend these tokens in-game or withdraw them after completing a verification period which begins after they submit a claim request.

The UIM Token
The UIM token is the primary in-game token of Universe Island. It is also the primary economic driver of the UIM ecosystem. All in-game rewards are paid in UIM tokens, while token holders can also stake their UIM tokens and earn staking rewards. There is a total supply of 100,000,000,000 UIM tokens.
The UIM token has several uses in the Universe Island and UIM ecosystem. Some of the uses are,
Users can avail of several in-game benefits as token holders.
Token holders will have special recognition in the game as token holders.
Token holders do not have to pay any extra fees on the UIM NFT marketplace.
Token holders can participate in governance and vote on important decisions such as game development proposals, funding, and any future direction of the platform.

Token Allocation
As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 100,000,000,000 UIM tokens The allocation is as follows
The private sale will see 22% of the total token allocation.
4% of the tokens will be allocated to project advisors.
11% of the tokens are allocated towards project development.
The Universe Island team will be allocated 10% of the tokens.
15% of the tokens are to be allocated towards game rewards.
6% of the tokens will be allocated towards community rewards.
Staking and liquidity mining will see an allocation of 16% of the tokens
6% of the tokens are allocated towards liquidity.
2% allocated to the seed round and 4% to the private round, respectively.
4% towards marketing purposes.

UIM Token Staking
Users can earn staking rewards by staking their UIM tokens. Staking rewards would include additional UIM tokens as an APY throughout the staking duration. Users who have staked their tokens also stand a chance to mint an infinity design NFT card each month. The first time users stake their UIM tokens; they will receive an infinity design NFT. Staking UIM tokens would also allow UIM token holders to participate in the governance of the UIM ecosystem. Stakers will also be eligible for promotions, airdrops, and other special offers.
Using the time-locked staking smart contracts, users can stake their UIM tokens through liquidity pair tokens from PancakeSwap. Users can choose from several fixed-period staking contracts. These periods range from one month (30 days), two months (60 days), four months (120 days), and six months (180 days). To increase the chances of winning an infinity design card there is a minimum staking requirement of 200,000 UIM tokens that need to be staked for at least one month. This would give the user a 1% chance of winning a “Normal tier” NFT card. However, if a user stakes more than 200 million UIM tokens, they have a 64% chance of winning a “Legendary tier” NFT card.

The staking schedules and the chances of winning NFT cards are explained through the following table.

Liquidity Pools
Liquidity pools for UIM tokens to be traded against other tokens as liquidity pairs will also be set up. These pools will be set up on several decentralized exchanges on Binance Smart Chain. Liquidity pools will be set up on other DEXes if required.
UIM’s ecosystem will incentivize Liquidity Providers for providing liquidity, with a reward pool of UIM tokens already set aside. The tokens will be distributed among available pools and paid out to liquidity providers in these pools.

Closing Thoughts
Universe Island promises to give gamers a game with intense action, crypto rewards, and NFT integration. The team behind the project has a clear roadmap and consists of experienced heads from the blockchain technology and gaming spaces. The tokenomics will help users understand exactly how many tokens exist, how they are allocated, and, more importantly, how they will be rewarded.

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