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Understanding the Play2Earn Formula Used in Universe Island 

The launch of the Universe Island game is getting closer by the day. We’re on schedule, and Q1 will be the time to launch as per the roadmap. This is why you should get yourself prepared and learn everything about Universe Island.

One of Universe Island’s essential components is its Play to Earn model, which allows all players to earn crypto while playing. If you’re not familiar with Play2Earn, you should continue reading and learn more about it, but more importantly, learn how Universe Island uses its Play2Earn formula to reward all players.

What is Play 2 Earn (P2E)

The name suggests P2E — earning assets while playing a game. This concept is getting more traction in the Web3 ecosystem by the day, and Universe Island is one of those projects proving its value.

The play-to-earn model allows every user to access valuable in-game assets or cryptocurrency that can be later transferred into the real world and exchanged to fiat currencies. While playing or spending time in the Universe Island metaverse, players can acquire NFT cards or the native UIM token.

All assets won in-game will be listed on the Web3 exchange offices therefore users will be able to trade them. Currently the Universe Island team is working on getting the most beneficial platforms lined up for trading the token and we will provide many more options in the future as the game grows

What the P2E market looks like at the moment

This is a new and growing market with a bright future. Right now, a couple of projects are dominating the market, and their users make millions from playing and selling the assets won in-game. Of course, not every player is so successful, but showcases prove you can profit tremendously from the P2E model.

Some of the most popular games are CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity, and the Sandbox. In Q3 of 2021, millions in virtual plots were traded on some of these metaverse platforms. A plot on Axie Infinity reached a price of $2.3 million in December, and within a week, Sandbox sold $86.56 million in NFTs.

However, none of these platforms are similar to the concept of Universe Island. CryptoKitties is a virtual cat grooming platform. Axie Infinity also deals with breeding pets that you later send on quests, while Sandbox is a “Sims-like” game where you can develop and sell virtual property.

Universe Island offers something different.

Universe Island is a shooter game that is not commonly seen in the P2E ecosystem. In Universe Island, you don’t have to spend hours waiting for your heroes to become powerful so you can sell them, but you earn as you play.

Your efforts are instantly rewarded. You don’t have to develop your hero to sell it later. You earn as you play. The game creators prepared 15% of the entire supply of tokens for players. That is exactly 15,000,000,000 UIM tokens.

The game creators calculated how fast these tokens would be allocated to players, estimating it would take nine years. Rewards will be available through winning battles, in-game airdrops, and regular airdrops. You’ll instantly earn UIM tokens, and the more you do it, the more tokens you’ll get.

Asset Creation, Liquidity, and the P2E formula behind the game

Although the UIM token is the primary driver of the Universe Island ecosystem, there’s still more than it. Every player has the chance to build a more powerful hero by acquiring or buying NFTs that boost the basic skills of the player’s hero. These NFTs may be highly valuable if they are rare.

Universe Island has a specialized NFT marketplace where NFTs can be bought and sold. There are five NFT tiers, with the fifth one named “legendary,” meaning it will always have a high price on the market. The more you play and progress, the higher the chance to acquire one of these NFTs you have, which can bring you a fortune.

The formula is calculated based on the pool mining principle, where the reward is earned over a given number of blocks, which is inversely proportional to the number of participants. We’re talking about in-game rewards, so the premium is based on the number of games played instead of participants. Check the mathematics in detail on this link.

Universe Island players can trade in-game assets in the Galery and the marketplace, and players can also discuss direct trades in the Open World, which is the main metaverse room of Universe Island.

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