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Universe Island: The Ultimate Sci-Fi Adventure! 

What comes into mind when the term shooting game is mentioned? Typically, it would be intense action-packed matches where the sole focus will remain on which weapon to choose and how to be the last player standing to climb up the ranks. This cycle is most likely to repeat on a loop.

However, with Universe Island, players are provided with a platform that not only offers but also encourages exploring to make the game something that is beyond just guns, aim and tactics. There are features like a Metaverse Gallery that allows players to walk through and view the various in-game NFTs on display and an NFT marketplace (that has been audited) to provide players with a safe platform for in-game NFT trading as well as UIM Token staking for rare rewards. Players also would get to hone their skills in the training field which would support the open-world concept.

The team of Universe Island has ensured that there is an element that every kind of individual can enjoy!

Do you like gaming? Universe island will keep you on your toes with its quick-paced, action-packed 1vs1 matches where each player would fight not just the opponent but also encounter AI enemies or allies. The mysteries of each map along with the rewards at stake that comes only with winning matches would be enough to keep adrenaline coursing through the veins of those playing and living the experience.

Not an intense gamer but rather a crypto enthusiast or interested in the concept of NFTs and token rewards? Our game should spike your interest with its UIM Tokens which fuels the game’s ecosystem along with its Play-to-Earn model. Understanding tokenomics too isn’t hard!
All in-games rewards in Universe Island would be given in the form of UIM tokens which can be used to make purchases in-game, for trading NFTs in our marketplace or even for staking to stand a chance to mint an infinity design card each month. 
Players could also put up a claim request to withdraw them on-chain but there exists a one week verification time by the system to ensure proper abiding of rules and fairness.

However, if you don’t fall into either of the above-mentioned categories- there still is scope for you! With experts from varying fields in the team, Universe Island has space even for those willing to explore and in search of something new.

To ensure not just a gaming platform but rather an indulging experience, there will be an animation series too that would support the story-driven nature of Universe Island. With each new map that gets launched, there would be a new mystery for players to explore. And to support the narratives of these mysteries there would be the animated series! Imagine, playing not just for rewards but also to witness and experience first-hand what you saw in a story!

Not only this, if you always wondered how, it would be if your heroes could be around you, Universe Island even has something that you would enjoy! With the Augmented Reality (AR) Technology, you would get the chance of viewing your heroes with your real-life surroundings and even explore their actions!

There is something for everyone, and with the launch date coming around the corner in March, the team of Universe Island is slowly unravelling the secrets that would take your gaming experience to a whole new level! All you need is a mobile and you can experience this thrilling game that looks forward to seeing you in the metaverse and rewarding you for your time and effort! See you soon, survivor!

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