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Universe Island: Meet The Team Behind The Action-Adventure Sci-Fi Mobile Game 

Since gaming began, we have seen the growth and innovation in the video game space grow exponentially. In 2019, the gaming market was worth around $151 million, with the projected growth by 2025 expected to hit $257 billion in 2025, so clearly, we are dealing with big numbers and a behemoth of an industry.

The video-game space has also seen a significant uptick in in-game purchases. Let’s look at another big number to understand this, in 2020 alone; gamers bought in-game content and assets worth around $54 billion. However, despite the burgeoning purchases, most games still utilize an outdated model of in-game purchases, leaving gamers with no proof of purchase, as these transactions are recorded only internally on in-game databases and servers.

Using NFTs In The Gaming Space

Currently, the gaming space is seeing a disruption in the current method of in-game purchases, with NFTs coming into the picture and transferring the ownership rights of in-game assets to players, allowing them to monetize their in-game assets. NFTs combine the crypto industry and gaming to create in-game economic incentives. Having said that, are there any games that utilize this model? Let’s look at one such upcoming game.

Introducing Universe Island

Universe Island is an upcoming third-person shooter game featuring NFT integration and an underlying story. This approach allows the game to deliver a story-driven experience while also featuring NFT equipment progression and rewards. The game is set in the metaverse consisting of several fractured islands, with each island having its own lore and history attached to it, along with an animated TV show to drive the narrative.

Thanks to their low entry barrier, the game take a classic third-person shooter approach. Universe Island takes the gaming experience one step ahead, allowing them to compete against other players, improve their rank and XP, and transform into elite players. The game ecosystem is powered by the UIM token that is at the core of the game’s play-to-win incentive.

So how does the game work? Well, think of how you would play games like Fortnite, Mass Effect, Resident Evil 2. Players spawn at random locations on a map, usually at opposite ends. They can choose from several formats to choose from, such as multiplayer or good old 1v1. Playing the game is pretty straightforward, shoot down the other player while also avoiding or defeating AI-controlled enemies. Why are AI-controlled enemies added to the mix? Well, just to make an already interesting game more interesting. We did say that Universe Island takes the gaming experience up to another level.

A typical game lasts not more than 5–6 minutes, with winners earning UIM tokens that can be utilized in-game or withdraw on-chain after completing a stipulated verification period after they put their claim request.

Meet The Team Behind The Game

So who are the ones behind the game? The team behind Universe Island is highly experienced and driven. It consists of members from a variety of fields, each of whom brings something unique to the project. The team behind the game draws on experience from fields such as gaming, programming, multimedia systems, etc.

Ladislav Liska

Ladislav is the founder and CEO of UNIVERSE ISLAND LLC. He has invested in several startup projects in the crypto space, and over the years, has gained significant insight into the gaming industry. He plans to marry gaming and blockchain technology, helping create a blockchain revolution in the industry. He also has years of experience in several high-level programming languages such as SQL, Delphi, Python, and Pascal. He also dabbles in smart contracts and Solidity.

Myat Shwe Thit

Shwe, Bachelor of Computer Science, is the financial goddess of Universe Island. Despite her field of study, she is drawn more to the financial side of the business. Shwe has many experiences in the administration and management of the company from the financial and marketing side. Not one penny is spent without her knowing about it. This overview is used to advise and optimize the cash flow to succeed in our mission. Order and planning are the keys to success, Shwe is our key!

Shwe’s role on the project is to advise in a financial matter, prepare administrative materials and run the marketing campaign.

Zdenek Novotny

Zdenek is a brilliant coder. Throw him a problem and he give you an optimized, structured, and fast solution. He knows about the depths of any programming language you can name and more. It is his passion, profession, and hobby. On his journey of code, he developed utilities, tools, full-featured SW, and games. Therefore, he is well versed with our engine of choice — Unity. One of Zdenek’s achievements is a C# [Unity Engine] for the game Cities Skylines.

Zdenek’s role on the project is to implement a database management system, back-end configuration, quality control, and most importantly he brings lots of experience into the team.

Ales Vovk

Ales got an engineering degree in the field of multimedia and telecommunications. The perfect combination for blockchain networks and gaming. He is experienced with coding, audio, and image processing. For the past three years, he has dealt with function and software development. This gave him experience in abstract problem-solving. Ales is eager to solve problems and loves math. His passion is crypto, and he likes to explore new worlds through video games.

Ales’ role on the project is to bring in cryptocurrency knowledge and solve problems such as probabilistic token emission and its implementation. He also does back-end configuration, maintaining the documentation, and much more…

Martin Rubin

Martin, the Game Developer, is a Bachelor of Art. He knows his ways throughout the full game development cycle. Unity is his bread and butter and this knowledge proved itself to be a wonderful time saver already. Over the years Martin has done a broad variety of games from strategies to shooters. He brings to the team a great amount of experience in the field of game design and knowledge of ballistics at a professional level. To name a few of many projects Martin was engaged in: VR simulator Kaleido for the company Pixelfield, mobile sport shooting game IPSC + Pistol World Challenge for HofmannHD, and more.

Martin’s role on the project is to lead the development of the Universe Island to the finish line and beyond.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the team behind the game brings in a wealth of experience from different fields, combining them to give you Universe Islands. The team has set a clear roadmap and is clear on how the game will be developed, how players will experience the in-game storyline, and how NFT integration will feature in the game.

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