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Universe Island Partners with Dextools and Closes Investor Rounds 

Our project gets more traction by the day. We’ve closed the investor rounds with great success and got many notable crypto names supporting us. One of these names is Dextools joining the team supporting Universe Island, but they will be much more than just investors.

Dextools is a real-time data analysis platform that will act as a strategic partner helping us with resources. At this stage of development, we’re thrilled to have them on our side supporting what we do. Their tools have shown to be highly valuable in the crypto community, and their platform works flawlessly, which is why we see this is a great deal.

Universe Island will launch in the second quarter of 2022 if everything goes according to plan. Until then, fans and investors can join the upcoming IGO hosted on Seedify on December 23th, where we will allocate $300,000 worth of UIM tokens to everyone interested in investing.

Our final round of investors ended on December 6th, and we got some serious names on board. ChinaPoka, DuckDAO, BMW Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors, DCT Capital, Oracles Investment Group, and many others, among which is also the one we’re talking about — Dextools.

About Universe Island

Universe Island is a third-person shooter game that combines an underlying storyline with NFT integration, allowing players to experience a game driven by its story, along with NFT equipment progression and cryptocurrency rewards. Our game is set in the metaverse and takes the gaming experience for players to a new level. Players on Universe Island can compete against one another on their way to becoming elite players. The game also offers players an unrivaled play-to-win model, powered by our $UIM token. The more you play, the more you earn.

Universe Island features a unique terrain coupled with custom maps and AI enemies. The team at Universe Island will be adding further maps and islands, with no current limitation on the number of worlds or islands the game could feature. Players will spawn at any random location on the map, engaging either in a 1vs1 format or a multiplayer format. All that a player needs to do to win is defeat the opposing player or players while avoiding or defeating aI-controlled enemies. Typically, a game lasts between 5–7 minutes, with game-winners rewarded $UIM tokens.

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About Dextools

Dextools is a real-time data analysis platform that offers DAOs an insight into market movements, helps create trading strategies, searches for big spreads, tracks profitable wallets, etc.

It has been created for crypto savvies trying to make sense of the ever-evolving decentralized ecosystem and knowing where to invest. Every crypto trader should have this tool in their back pocket when trading, but it is even more important for organizations trying to be ahead of the competition.

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