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Universe Island’s NFT Marketplace 

Unlike other play-to-earn games, Universe Island is a thrilling free-to-play, compact, 1vs1 shooting game with a play-to-earn ecosystem that is fueled by UIM Tokens and a model that instantly rewards the players for their time and efforts.

UIM Tokens are the primary in-game tokens of Universe Island that fuels the play-to-earn ecosystem of the game. They are rewarded to players with each win and even from the air-drops mid-match if lucky! These UIM Tokens can be used to either purchase NFT collectables in-game, or be staked to mint an infinity design card each month. They also could be withdrawn on-chain by putting up a claim request followed by a verification period of a week. The verification period exists to ensure detection of any unfair means resorted to by a player during a game by the internal AI vetting system.

The NFT Marketplace 

What previously was a recreational activity now has become a mean of being able to earn with the coming in of NFT games. No one would have been able to predict this day to ever come in either the gaming or the crypto industry- where the two worlds would combine to give rise to a revolutionary GameFi world! 

Now one might wonder- are in-game NFTs the same as any other NFT? Well, the answer is not really. While the concept of NFT stays constant- that an NFT represents a collectable item on the blockchain whose worth is decided by the people, there are a few differences.

The team of Universe Island has done its best to keep the rewarding aspect of the P2E model alive. What we mean is that our in-game NFT collectables can be traded like your usual NFTs (in a market made exclusively for our in-game collectables) but they can also be used by players to decide the future of their game.

For a convenient and hassle-free trading experience of our in-game NFTs, the team of Universe Island has worked hard to receive an audit to provide their customers with a specialised and secure NFT marketplace! The best part? You get an option to choose from while having to make your payment for trading. Players could either pay with the UIM tokens (without an additional fee) or could opt for the option to pay with BUSD (Binance USD) and some additional fees.

Apart from the usual trading, Universe Island has also kept a part of the NFT market locked for staking, providing players with a safe place to stake their tokens and giving them a chance to claim free NFT after staking tokens at the NFT market. However, one thing that players must remember is that the NFT market for Universe Island is a safe place for only in-game NFTs. 

For those wondering how you could trade in-game assets to earn real money?

Well, this is where marketplace come in. All assets that you win in-game (NFT collectables) and wish to trade will be listed on the game’s Marketplace, thereby enabling you to trade them! One can expect more options in the future as the game grows on the platforms where you can trade our in-game NFTs.

One thing that you would be pleased to know is that Universe Island is a fairly transparent game when it comes to its reward system. Rewards in this game are given instantly to its players depending on their time and efforts spent on the game via match wins or airdrops mid-game. 

These UIM Tokens that are rewarded for wins can be used in-game by the player to acquire/ buy NFTs that boost the skills of the character, enabling them to build a more powerful characters. The chances of acquiring these performance-boosting NFTs is directly proportional to how much the player plays the game and progresses. Depending on the rarity of the NFT, their value will differ in the marketplace- the legendary (most rare) being the highest on the market. The mathematics of the model can be checked at link where it explains how the premium is based on the number of games and not the number of participants.


With the launch date around the corner, we at Universe Island hope that you are as excited as us to dive into experiencing the first free-to-play game that has infused Augmented Reality Technology to give players a chance of seeing their in-game virtual characters come to life in their real-life environment while enjoying features such as a Metaverse Gallery for players through walk through and see the NFT collectables on display along with an Open World.

To the gaming and crypto enthusiasts open to exploring the Game-Fi world with an action-packed, interactive and indulging experience backed by an animated series- see you in the metaverse!

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