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Why You Should Join Universe Island Metaverse 

The first-ever gaming console, the Magnavox, was created in 1972, and at its demonstration, it was considered pathbreaking. That single console was the genesis of the entire gaming industry as we know it today. Since then, the industry has come a long way, valued at nearly $200 billion and with a user base of 2.7 billion people. Gamers form a young demographic, with a large chunk of the gaming demographics aged 18–35. Add to this the expectation of an annual growth rate of around 12% between 2020 and 2025, and it is clear that the gaming industry is at the cusp of a revolution of innovation.

With the advent of NFTs in the gaming market, we have seen the disruption of the traditional model of in-game ownership. NFTs transferred ownership rights of digital in-game assets to players, effectively allowing them to monetize their in-game assets. We have seen a new stream of games develop using the new pathbreaking play-to-earn model. Universe Island is one such game.

Universe Island: The Next Generation Mobile Shooter Game

Universe Island promises to change mobile gaming with its third-person shooter, complete with NFT integration. The game will allow players to experience an underlying story, cryptocurrency rewards, and NFT equipment progression. Universe Island will enable casual gamers who want to take their gaming experience to the next level to compete against one another, with an ecosystem driven by the $UIM token and a play-to-earn incentive that enables players to raise their gaming level to that of elite players.

Why You Should Join Universe Island: A Stunning Metaverse

Universe Island is set in the metaverse, fractured into several islands. The game’s main protagonist is the metaverse’s main protagonist, with characters exploring the islands. The game features custom maps and features. The islands also feature AI enemies, with the island metaverse constantly expanding. There is no cap on the number of maps or islands the game features, with the current number only set to grow.

Players compete against each other in matches, with two or more players spawning at different ends of the map, usually in a 1vs1 format or a multiplayer format. The player’s total health is set at 100 HP, and a player can be victorious by defeating (shooting down) the opposing player while trying to avoid AI-controlled enemies. A typical game on Universe Island lasts between 5–7 minutes, with victorious players awarded $UIM tokens. Players can spend their $UIM tokens in the game or withdraw them on-chain.

Features Of The Universe Island Metaverse

Universe Island is more than just a game that allows players to battle other players in the game. The game also features a metaverse gallery and an open world. Tournaments and challenges will also be held to help foster greater community engagement.

The Metaverse Gallery

The metaverse gallery will allow players to display their Infinity Design NFT collections and UIM NFT collections. At launch, the metaverse will simply let players show their NFTs. However, with further expansions, players will access a host of other features.

The Open World

The Universe Island open world will enable players to access a training playground consisting of a shooting range and NPCs. Any player that would access the open world would not be required to spend any energy. With future expansions of the game, players will be able to “hang out” in the open world and metaverse. In a way, the open world will act as a catalyst to enable the community to grow and meet.

Greater Community Engagement

The team at Universe Island will be implementing more features that would act as an incentive for players to play Universe Island. These incentives will be in challenges, tournaments, and other community events. Regular games will enable players to compete in tournaments and test out their skills against each other while also winning significant rewards. Challenges will be held daily and weekly, allowing players to access extra energy. Players will also be eligible to win special NFTs to complete monthly challenges. The metaverse will also feature easter eggs and challenges that would present players with unique quests and objectives to complete.


The Universe Island Metaverse promises to be limitless, with several new features, maps, and islands planned to be added as the game expands. There is no limit to the number of islands or maps that the metaverse can hold. Apart from battling with your friends and competing against other players in the game, Universe Island will have a game driven by a clear storyline while also incorporating NFTs and crypto rewards.

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